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Leelanau.Com has the most Leelanau County information on the internet and tens of thousands of visitors a week! Links

Our high rankings in the search engines mean that a link from the home page helps to push your site higher in the engines as well. This is because search engines like Google & Bing employ a sort of “popularity effect” treating sites that are linked to from highly ranked web pages as more worthy of a higher ranking in their own right.

The cost of this service is $250 for one year ($150 to clients). When you sign up, your business will receive a direct link from the Leelanau.Com home page under the appropriate category on our home page. For example, if your business is a bed & breakfast, you will be listed on our homepage under “Lodging” and on our Lodging page under the B&Bs.

Banner Ads

You can also purchase one of our rotating banner ads for your business. In addition to putting your business in front of thousands of people who love Leelanau, our banners employ direct links to your website to provide search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.

To sign up for this service email or call 231-409-0396.

Webdesign, Social Media & Marketing Services

If you don’t have a website or you want a redesign of a current site, Leelanau Communications provides complete web services.

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